Administrative Support

  • Calendar / schedule management
  • Create, send and monitor quotations
  • Data entry
  • Generate reports
  • Compiling letters, emails, etc.
  • Create / manage spreadsheets
  • Generate presentations
  • Back office
  • Payments

Email Management

  • Highlight emails that need a response
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Unsubscribe from spam emails
  • Archiving emails
  • Send emails to specific groups
  • Compilation of answers
  • Delete spam emails

Customer Service

  • Customer information and question handling
  • Management and processing of orders and shipments
  • Management and processing of returns
  • Creation, updating and management of CRM tools

Content Production

  • Creating photos
  • Creating videos
  • Creating graphics
  • Formatting posts to publish
  • Post calendar management
  • Text editing
  • Discover content through visitor posts
  • Content research

Social Media

  • Content creation (photo, video, text)
  • Creation of new pages, accounts, groups, etc.
  • Boost posts
  • Create discussions (e.g. create polls)
  • Active communication (responding to reports, comments and messages)
  • Create banners, headers and backgrounds
  • Development of followers
  • Create competitions
  • Search for popular hashtags
  • Create and run ad campaigns
  • Manage online groups

Financial services

  • Issue and send invoices
  • Creating invoice templates
  • Payment management

Business Operations Management

  • Business consulting
  • Strategic categorization
  • Business plan
  • Communication plan
  • Establish and maintain corporate culture

Human Resources Management

  • Conduct job analysis and description
  • Planning of workforce needs
  • Recruitment and selection of employee candidates
  • Provide employee training and development
  • Evaluation of their performance according to company standards
  • Payroll management
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships and communication

Integrated Marketing Services

  • Development of corporate / product identity
  • Content development for print brochures and website
  • Creation of corporate / product productions such as TVC, documentaries, travelogues, social media videos
  • Marketing plan
  • Organizing exhibition participations worldwide
  • Organization of events, seminars, B2B meetings worldwide
  • Media planning and media buying / advertising plans for print, TV, radio